July 28–August 6, 2014
University of California, Los Angeles

Beyond the Digitized Slide Library was an eight-day summer institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, July 28–August 6, 2014. Major support for the program was provided by the Getty Foundation. Participants learned about debates and key concepts in the digital humanities and gained hands-on experience with tools and techniques for art historical research (including metadata basics, data visualization, network graphs, and digital mapping).

You can see our collaborative notes here, find our tweets at #doingdah14, and see photos from the Institute here. We’ve also posted slides and lecture notes whenever possible, and we’ve created a Storify of the Institute.

UCLA’s team of leading digital humanities technologists was joined by faculty members:

  • Johanna Drucker (Bernard and Martin Breslauer Professor of Bibliography, Information Studies)
  • Steven Nelson (Associate Professor of African and African American Art History)
  • Todd Presner (Chair, Digital Humanities Program, and Professor of Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature).
  • Miriam Posner (Digital Humanities Program Coordinator and Institute Director)

Francesca Albrezzi, a Ph.D. candidate in UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures department, served as Graduate Research Associate and Logistics Coordinator.

Guest Instructors

Murtha Baca (Head of Digital Art History Access, Getty Research Institute)
Zoe Borovsky (Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship, UCLA)
Christian Huemer (Head, Project for the Study of Collecting and Provenance, Getty Research Institute)
Yoh Kawano (GIS Coordinator, UCLA)
Lisa M. Snyder (Institute for Digital Research and Education, UCLA)

Technology Consultants

Mike D’Errico (Ph.D. candidate, Musicology)
Joy Guey (UCLA class of 2016)
Allison Hegel (Ph.D. candidate, English)
Wendy Kurtz (Ph.D. candidate, Spanish & Portuguese)
Craig Messner (Ph.D. candidate, English)